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  • Image of Add custom Engraving or Silver Inlay
  • Image of Add custom Engraving or Silver Inlay

This listing is to be bought with another item to add a customisation or your choice. A rune, letters or small symbol can be engraved or inlaid onto your pendant, provided there is enough space on it.

Please leave us a note at checkout or send us a message on what you would like and where. There are some limitations on the complexity of the design. If this is an issue I will let you know.

Allow up to 5 business days for completion. Before we start work I will send you a PDF proof of the design on the pendant. Before shipping I will send you a photo. If at any point you are not happy with our work, you can cancel.


Our engraving is done by hand using a hammer and chisel. For iron we engrave much deeper than usual to ensure the engraving is visible. The result is subtle. For a more visibility try silver inlay.

Silver Inlay

We use 99% fine silver for our inlay work. The method we use is the same that was used during the Viking age to decorate sword hilts and axes.
A deep groove with an undercut is hand engraved onto the iron. The removed iron is replaced by hammering in the soft silver wire.
The top is then filed flat and textured.

The pure silver inlay will darken with time, though slower than sterling silver.
Instruction on how to polish the inlay and a polishing cloth are included with the pendant.


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