• Image of Small Iron Thors hammer pendant
  • Image of Small Iron Thors hammer pendant
  • Image of Small Iron Thors hammer pendant
  • Image of Small Iron Thors hammer pendant
  • Image of Small Iron Thors hammer pendant

This small hand forged iron Mjolnir has been made using traditional blacksmithing methods. It is a more symmetrical version of Viking age Mjölnir amulets found on amulet rings in Sweden. It is tied onto an adjustable leather cord. The design on this iron pendant is very close to its historical counterparts and can be used as part of re-enactment or SCA.


Each Mjolnir pendant has been individually hand forged, so there may be small differences in size shape and texture. You are welcome to request a photo of the available pendants.

The length of the necklace is adjustable from 25 inches down to 14 inches.

Size (including the ring): 1 1/4 inches x 3/4 inches.

Materials: 99.8% pure iron and 1.5 mm round dark brown leather cord.

Surface: Black colour, Traditionally oil quenched and hot waxed.

Made by Marleena Barran


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The Story

There are multiples of finds from Viking age Sweden of iron amulet rings. Many of the amulets are small Thor’s hammers, multiples of then, even in a single ring. The exact purpose is unknown, but judging from whats remained on the floor of a Viking age forge, these pendants where part of everyday life for a blacksmith.

For the most part, the historical pendants are not as symmentrical and well formed as the pendants I make for our modern aesthetics, suggesting that majority of these where made quickly. It may even be that forging a little Mjolnir on the end of a bar, you intend to work with, gave a good idea on the quality and workability of the metal in the bar. The iron that was used back then was nowhere as uniform as that that is available for us.

Those test pieces themselves then became talismans in their own right and where added onto the iron rings or as little offerings for Thor for luck.

Wearing iron jewellery

Iron, by its very nature is not permanent, but with care it can last for a lifetime.
Our black iron pendants have three layers of protection, using the oldest methods in the blacksmith's book.
Wearing the pendant will, with time, wear the black surface off. This is why we offer a refurbishment guarantee on all our pendants.
For the cost of shipping we can restore the pendant to look as new for as long as we are working as blacksmiths.

I include more detailed care instructions with the pendant.

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