• Image of Small hand Forged Pure Iron Mjolnir pendant
  • Image of Small hand Forged Pure Iron Mjolnir pendant
  • Image of Small hand Forged Pure Iron Mjolnir pendant
  • Image of Small hand Forged Pure Iron Mjolnir pendant
  • Image of Small hand Forged Pure Iron Mjolnir pendant

This small plain looped Thor's hammer, Mjollnir pendant, has been individually hand forged. The pure iron pendant has been suspended on an adjustable dark brown leather cord.


Small variations in size, shape, symmetry and texture will occur. If you wish to see the pendant you have purchased you are welcome to request a photo of it prior to dispatch for confirmation.

Height: 1 & 1/2 inches / 3.5 cm

Width: 3/4 inches / 2 cm

Length of adjustable cord: 26 inches / 65 cm

Materials: Pure Iron. 1.5 mm dark brown round leather cord.

Surface: Traditionally Oil quenched black, protected by a natural beeswax polish

Status: Read to Ship. Presented in a hand made gift box.

Who is it for?

This pendant represents the Viking god Thor's hammer: Mjollnir. It is made with methods and materials used by Viking smiths and as such is perfectly suited as part of Viking costume for historical Re-enactments and SCA.

About the Thor's Hammer

The Viking god Thor's Hammer was called Mjollnir. It was one of the treasures made for the gods by two dwarven smiths as a result of a bet. Mjollnir was created, but due to Loki's interference in trying to distract the smiths the handle became too short and could thus only be used single handedly. Regardless of that the newly forged magical hammer was very effective and Loki lost the bet and almost his head. It would always hit its mark and return to the hand when thrown. In addition to that it could be shrunk to such a small size that it would fit inside a kirtle. As Thor also represented lighting & thunder, it was said that the clap of thunder was the sound of the hammer hitting the mark when Thor went to battle against the frost giants.

About Pure Iron

Taitaya Forge use 99.8% pure iron in our jewellery, manufactured and processed in the UK. Despite the higher cost and the extra work we have to do in processing the raw material to a more jeweller friendly size, we felt that the investment was worth it. Pure iron is more resistant to corrosion (rust).


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