• Image of Shamanic Bell Charm Pendant
  • Image of Shamanic Bell Charm Pendant
  • Image of Shamanic Bell Charm Pendant
  • Image of Shamanic Bell Charm Pendant

This design has been inspired by the iron charms used in the costume of Siberian shamans. The pendant is suspended on an adjustable leather cord.


Each pendant is individually hand forged so there are small variations in size and shape. You are welcome to ask for a photograph upon ordering.

Height: 1 & 1/2 inches / 3.5 cm

Width: around 1 & 1/4 inches / 3 cm

Length of adjustable cord: 26 inches / 65 cm

Materials: Pure Iron. 1.5 mm round leather or cotton cord in a variety of colours.

Surface: Oil quenched black, protected by a natural beeswax polish

Status: Read to Ship. Presented in a beautiful hand made gift box.

The Story

We live in a world surrounded by steel so it may be hard for us to imagine that there once was a time when iron & steel where new and precious. When people started fashioning iron into objects most of humanity lived in a world they believed was dominated by spirits. Every single thing, plant, animal, heavenly body etc. had a spirit. Everything that happened, that was not understood, was due to spirits being pleased or displeased with the people or their actions.

The shaman was the bridge between the spirits and ordinary people. He could ask, command or bribe the spirits to do his bidding. In the old world shamanic cultures the blacksmith was "brother" to the shaman. Spirits feared metals, particularly Iron, for here was a material that was wholly man made. When a blacksmith forged an item out of metal he created a spirit into that item and as the spirit was created by a human.

For this reason the shaman would adorn themselves with metal: bells, charms, pendants, symbols & mere pieces of scrap metal. The man made spirits would protect the shaman and the other spirits would fear the sound of it jingling and clanging as the Shaman did his perilous journey to the spirit world.

About Pure Iron

Taitaya Forge use 99.8% pure iron in our jewellery, manufactured and processed in the UK. Despite the higher cost and the extra work we have to do in processing the raw material to a more jeweller friendly size, we felt that the investment was worth it. Pure iron is more resistant to corrosion (rust).


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