• Image of Large Iron Mjolnir Pendant
  • Image of Large Iron Mjolnir Pendant
  • Image of Large Iron Mjolnir Pendant
  • Image of Large Iron Mjolnir Pendant

Our latest design. This Mjolnir combines the ridge introduced by our most popular ringed Mjolnir and the historical way of wrapping the tang onto itself to for the loop for the cord. Like all our Thor's hammers, this one has been hand forged out of iron. This is a heavier pendant and is suspended on the thicker 2mm leather or cotton cord.


Each Thor's hammer pendant has been individually hand forged, so there may be small differences in size shape and texture. You are welcome to request a photo of the available pendants.

The length of the necklace is adjustable from 28 inches down to 16 inches.

Size: 2 inches x 1 1/8 inches.

Materials: 99.8% pure iron and 2 mm round dark brown leather cord.

Surface: Black colour, Traditionally oil quenched and hot waxed.

Made and Designed by Marleena Barran


Ready to ship. Tracking for international orders can be bought here.

Wearing iron jewellery

Iron, by its very nature is not permanent, but with care it can last for a lifetime.
Our black iron pendants have three layers of protection, using the oldest methods in the blacksmith's book.
Wearing the pendant will, with time, wear the black surface off. This is why we offer a refurbishment guarantee on all our pendants.
For the cost of shipping we can restore the pendant to look as new for as long as we are working as blacksmiths.

I include more detailed care instructions with the pendant.

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