• Image of Iron Ukonvasara Pendant
  • Image of Iron Ukonvasara Pendant
  • Image of Iron Ukonvasara Pendant
  • Image of Iron Ukonvasara Pendant
  • Image of Iron Ukonvasara Pendant

The Ukonvasara is the hammer of the Finnish god Ukko. Ukko, like his Norse counterpart Thor is a god of Thunder, though his role in the pantheon is closer to that of Odins. The shape of the Ukonvasara is reminiscent of a fire steel. According to the Kalevala Ukko was the god who gave people fire, using his hammer.

This pendant is individually hand forged out of pure iron. Each pendant has a unique texture and the shape varies a tiny bit. The adjustable necklace is made out of leather brown leather cord, allowing you to choose where you wear the pendant. The pendant moves on the ring. The iron has been traditionally quenched in oil to protect it from rust and to give it the black colour. A layer of wax further protects the metal.


The length of the necklace is adjustable from 28 inches down to 16 inches.

Size (including the ring): 2 1/8 inches x 1 3/4 inches.

Materials: 99.8% pure iron and 1.5 mm round brown leather cord.

Made and Designed by Marleena Barran


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The Story

"Ukonvasara" is known widely as the Finnish Thor's Hammer. Ukko "Old man" was the name used for the Finnish sky god, who governed over the weather, thunder, the crops & fertility and justice. Ukko was also known as the "high god". This may be because of his physical placement in the sky or his role as a chief god within rest of the Finnish gods and godesses. Ukkos help was called for when heavenly intervention or a sign was needed, on the battle field, in a trial by combat, hunting, giving birth or growing the crops.

The shape Ukko's hammer is a little bit different from its Norse counterpart, the Thor's hammer. I believe that the shape does not reflect a hammer like the Mjolnir, but a fire striker, though there is very little archaeological evidence for this. Such a shape would be useful when you need to strike a fire onto quartz stone without access to flint. On this type of "hammer" it is not the ends of the head that hit the target, but rather the curved edge skims of the stone. A lot of the bronze amulet Ukonvasaras have a zigzag, triangular decoration along the curve, indicating that the striking edge may have been serrated. This hammer is made of pure iron, so it is unlikely to strike a spark.

Wearing iron jewellery

Iron, by its very nature is not permanent, but with care it can last for a lifetime.
Our black iron pendants have three layers of protection, using the oldest methods in the blacksmith's book.
Wearing the pendant will, with time, wear the black surface off. This is why we offer a refurbishment guarantee on all our pendants.
For the cost of shipping we can restore the pendant to look as new for as long as we are working as blacksmiths.

I include more detailed care instructions with the pendant.

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