• Image of Iron Spiral Pendant Necklace
  • Image of Iron Spiral Pendant Necklace
  • Image of Iron Spiral Pendant Necklace
  • Image of Iron Spiral Pendant Necklace
  • Image of Iron Spiral Pendant Necklace

This is a small hand forged iron Spiral pendant, suspended on a leather cord tied with two sliding knots to make an adjustable necklace. The pendant has been colored subtle shades of blue and brass. The colour is then protected with a coat of glossy varnish. A perfect little gift for a wedding anniversary.


Each pendant ha been hand forged so there are small variations in size and shape. You are welcome to ask for a photograph of your pendant upon ordering.

Height: 1 inch / 2.5 cm

Width: 3/4 inches / 2 cm

Length of cord adjustable down from : 26 inches / 65 cm

Materials: Pure Iron. 1.5 mm round madder red leather cord.

Surface: Heat colored dark blue with a brushed brass effect, protected by a varnish. The colour is on the surface and may age to a dark grey along the edges.

Status: Read to Ship. Presented in a hand made card gift box.

About Pure Iron

Taitaya Forge use 99.8% pure iron in our jewellery, manufactured and processed in the UK. Despite the higher cost and the extra work we have to do in processing the raw material to a more jeweller friendly size, we felt that the investment was worth it. Pure iron is more resistant to corrosion (rust).

Caring for a pure iron pendant

Your body will keep this pendant dry and prevent it from rusting when it is worn. Store it in a dry place. You can apply a beeswax polish for more protection. The leather cord can go brittle if it dries. Occasionally oil the leather to keep it supple.

The black colour may wear off during use. You can send the pendant back to us and we will re-blacken the surface for the price of returning it back to you.

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