• Image of Iron Rose Heart Pendant
  • Image of Iron Rose Heart Pendant
  • Image of Iron Rose Heart Pendant
  • Image of Iron Rose Heart Pendant
  • Image of Iron Rose Heart Pendant

For the romantic, or those celebrating their 6th anniversary. This is a single rose, forged out of a single piece or iron. The stem has been wrapped around the rose to the shape of a heart. Each rose is unique. The pendant is suspended on a red leather cord that can be adjusted.

About the photos

Each pendant is individually hand forged. Compared to the pendant featured in the photo there may be very small differences in size, shape and finish. When ordering, on request, I can photograph the pendants I have for you to choose from. This may affect the shipping date.


Height: 3.5 cm / 1 3/8 in.

Width: 3 cm / 1 1/8 in.

Length of the adjustable cord: 26 inches (65 cm) down to 14 inches (38 cm)

Weight around 10 gm

Materials: 99.8% pure iron 1.5 mm round green leather cord.

Made and Designed by Marleena Barran



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Heat Coloured Iron

These brass and blue tinted pendants are coloured using heat and occasionally a brass bursh. The colour is only a few atoms thick.

To protect the colour we have painted two layers of a clear glaze varnish onto the surface. The glaze will protect the piece for a while.

The glaze will start wearing off first at the surfaces and edges that come to contact with your skin and clothes.

You can either accept the wear as part of the lifecycle of the iron or you can re-apply a glaze yourself. We use "Vintaj Glaze". A clear nail varnish will do the same, though it is harder to apply it thinly.

You can also send your piece back for us to re-colour.

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