• Image of Hand forged Viking Arrowhead Necklace
  • Image of Hand forged Viking Arrowhead Necklace
  • Image of Hand forged Viking Arrowhead Necklace
  • Image of Hand forged Viking Arrowhead Necklace
  • Image of Hand forged Viking Arrowhead Necklace

This pendant has been formed out of a tanged Viking arrowhead. The tang has been formed into the bail for the cord.

Please note!

This pendant is an arrowhead that has been made as blunt as possible without loosing definition, there for the pendant is not suitable for children or worn during very active sports.


Item as imaged

Height: 3.6 cm

Width: 1.6cm

Length of the adjustable cord: 28 inches down to 16 inches

Weight 9 gm

Materials: 99.8% pure iron 1.5 mm round red leather cord.

Surface: Forge Blackened and Waxed.

Status: Read to Ship. Presented in a beautiful hand made gift box.

The Story

Each arrow head starts out as a bar of iron. The bar is hand forged into the shape of a functional arrowhead. To be a fully functional arrowhead I would use a steel as the material, but for jewellery pure iron is the best option. The arrow head is hot cut of the bar and the tang is forged out and straightened.

After the blade is complete I make the arrowhead into a pendant by twisting the tang to form a bail. To end the process each arrowhead has been quenched in oil, a process that would harden the arrowhead where it made out of steel. This makes the arrowhead black and at the same time protects it from the elements.


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Forge Black Iron

All iron will rust when it is exposed to moisture. Your body will keep the iron dry when it is worn, but wearing it will also start to rub off the protective layers.

We protect the iron by heating it in the forge until the surface goes black. The black oxide layer can be thick, but it is also brittle. It can flake off if the metal is bent.

After this we quench the iron into oil. The oil burns onto the surface and covers the black oxide with a glossy layer that repels moisture and helps hold the oxide in place.

The third layer is a beeswax based polish.

This is the one layer that needs to be re-applied more often, especially after wearing the pendant and before storing it. You can use a beeswax furniture polish or leather polish.

Waxing is more important when the black colour starts wearing off the pendant.

The Cord

The cord has been tied with two sliding barrel knots, making the length of the necklace adjustable.

Leather, round, 1.5 mm, Is most in tune with the historical character of this pendant. We do our best to source the best quality cord as possible, but please be aware there is variation her we cannot control. This is why I will send you a replacement cord if it breaks within a year.

If you would like a different cord, let me know upon ordering.

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