• Image of Gungnir Spear Pendant
  • Image of Gungnir Spear Pendant
  • Image of Gungnir Spear Pendant
  • Image of Gungnir Spear Pendant
  • Image of Gungnir Spear Pendant

This miniature Viking spearhead pendant represents Odin's magical spear Gungnir. It is hand forged out of pure iron with a hollow tang, decorated with filework and stampwork.


Each spear pendant has been individually hand forged, so there may be small differences in size shape and texture. You are welcome to request a photo of the available pendants.

The length of the necklace is adjustable from 27 inches down to 16 inches.

Size (including the ring): 2 3/4 inches x 3/4 inches.

Materials: 99.8% pure iron and 1.5 mm round dark brown leather cord.

Surface: Black colour, Traditionally oil quenched and hot waxed.

Made and Designed by Marleena Barran


Ready to ship. Tracking for international orders can be bought here.

Please note!

Not suitable for children.

The Story

This pendant is a miniature spearhead. I have made it as blunt as possible so that it won't loose its character, but as such it is not suitable for children or to be worn during active sports.

Odin's spear was called Gungnir, "the swaying one". According to the Edda's it was fashioned by the dwarves. the trickster Loki obtained it for the Aesir. It is said to always hit its target. In myth, during the battle between the Aesir and Vanir, Odin signalled the start of the battle by casting his spear at the opposing army. In some historical battles this practise was used to invoke Odin's favour, by sacrificing the opposing army to Odin.

For a Viking warrior the spear was as important as the sword. There are spears in the archaeological record that match the best swords in the skill used to craft them and the beauty of their decoration. Unlike the sword the spear had a function outside of war as a hunting implement. The spear would have been more common on the battle ground as well, as a vital part of the defence on a shield wall and as an important part of a ranged attack. The descendants of the Vikings, the Normans, later created an art form and sport out of spear combat later on with their famous tourneys.

Wearing iron jewellery

Iron, by its very nature is not permanent, but with care it can last for a lifetime.
Our black iron pendants have three layers of protection, using the oldest methods in the blacksmith's book.
Wearing the pendant will, with time, wear the black surface off. This is why we offer a refurbishment guarantee on all our pendants.
For the cost of shipping we can restore the pendant to look as new for as long as we are working as blacksmiths.

I include more detailed care instructions with the pendant.

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